Unlock your most energized life.

It’s one thing to have talent. It’s another to be energized by it.

Strengthscope is a workplace assessment that uncovers what powers your best work. This new strengths revolution doesn't focus on competencies but on your energizers—a more powerful idea that can lead to profound changes in our workplaces. And when we are energized by our work, we can also bring that energy home and apply it to the rest of our lives.

Strengthscope® is the key to energizing your work and your life.

If you are an INDIVIDUAL,

Strengthscope® helps you tap into the activities that invigorate you—and manage the tasks that drain your energy.

If you are a CONSULTANT or COACH,

Strengthscope® is your next great business opportunity. Join us.

If you are an EMPLOYER,

Strengthscope® creates a more engaged workplace, leading to increased customer loyalty, team productivity, and profits.

Our experts are here to help you discover how Strengthscope® can change your work—and your life.