June 23, 2017

The only constant thing in life, is change.

“Energizing Change” - 5 Steps to using Strengths to Lead Change 

We live in a world with ever increasing amounts of Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, and Ambiguity (VUCA). Said differently, we are experiencing a world that is changing faster and more dramatically than any other time in human history.
As leaders of change, it is important that we become more able to notice how we respond to these conditions, and the ways we impact others, as we all move towards an unknown, unclear, unformed and uncertain future, co-creating a world where more people #lovework.
How can we understand our strengths and use them more skillfully to fuel the change efforts that we are leading?
Strengthscope’s Chief Evolutionary Officer, Kent Frazier will be leading the webinar:
Friday, June, 23 9:30am PT / 12:30pm ET

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