Energy Intelligence - What We Are Missing About The Science of Strengths

Thursday, Feb. 15, 2018 @ 8:30 am PT / 11:30 pm ET
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Using “strengths” at work is a familiar idea, but is there MORE we could do with it? Could a fresh approach to strengths even help us “future-proof” our leaders and companies? The answer to both questions is YES, but it requires us to go beyond the traditional “strengths-finding” model and into a world of “energy intelligence.”

In this webinar with Josh Allan Dykstra, CEO of Strengthscope (U.S. Team) and author, you will learn:

+ Why a focus on what people are “good at” is no longer good enough

+ How to apply a fresh understanding to the concept of strengths-based development

+ How to effectively address performance risks (overused strengths, energy drainers, and more).