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If you like StrengthsFinder™, you’ll love Strengthscope®.

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A More Human Insight

It’s one thing to have a talent. It’s another to be ENERGIZED by it. Strengthscope® is uniquely designed to identify what people enjoy doing most, delivering a higher level of productivity, a more sustainable way to work—and an unmatched business opportunity for your consulting or coaching practice.

An Exceptional Business Opportunity


of teams who apply the Strengthscope® approach believe their team's behavior and performance will be enhanced


of participants would recommend Strengthscope® workshops and training


the number of countries where Strengthscope® assessments have been completed


of corporate organizations rated Strengthscope® products 8 or higher on a 1-10 scale

A More Actionable Program

Our comprehensive follow-on program means you can do more—over a longer, more profitable engagement—to help clients embed the results into every part of the employee lifecycle: recruiting, team collaboration, performance management, leadership development, and more.