To create energizing workplaces for everyone.

It's obsessively important to us to practice what we preach—our aim is to be one of the best places to work in the world.

To that end, we are always our own first test subjects, or in other words, we "eat our own cooking," and when we find something delicious (i.e. effective), we offer it to others.

Here's a bit more about the cultural ingredients that drive our success.



1. Focus on strengths
Talk about people's strengths and energizers, assume positive intent, and seek alternate perspectives.
2. Help people become the best version of themselves
Have difficult conversations when necessary, challenge clients when appropriate, and always be hungry to be better person.
3. Find the &
Cultivate abundance, don't use "stop" words, and find non-zero-sum solutions.
4. Make things simple
Find the most beautiful process, be able to simply explain what we do, and find ways to stay lean.
5. Run the experiment
Try new things, be bold, share your mistakes, and involve all stakeholders in decisions.
6. Be a whole person
Share your boundaries, celebrate relationships, and embrace the mess of humanity.
7. Show your passion
Have stories about why the mission matters, disagree with "experts" when necessary, and display humility.

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